The B&E Story

Conversations On Artistic Integrity & Industry Success

Brandon Colby Cook and Evan C. Schulte are longtime friends who have both invested their lives into the pursuit of not only being artists but have set out on the path to becoming the most truthful artists they could possibly be.

Art, in whatever form it is in, must be shared and the artist must find a way to hold their ground without losing their way.  Maintaining an openness, flexibility, and adaptability while remaining truthful is often the key to their success in the art form they communicate with.

An artist can begin with grand intentions, but can also lose themselves to the demands of the craft and forget where their creation comes from… within.  These podcasts are a series of conversations where art is deeply explored and what it means to have creative integrity.  They are shared with you so that you can be a part of the discovery as to what it means to be…

…an artist with integrity.